Security Risk Assessments – Buildings


security training waterfordA security risk assessment is a critical part of your security risk management processes. It encompasses a security risk audit of your existing systems and procedures.

Our security risk assessment and security risk management service allows us to see what you’re doing right and where any management systems or processes need to be enhanced or augmented.

We do this first so we can understand your specific security needs. Once we’ve completed the risk assessment we then advise you on any additional protocols or equipment you may need.
As part of any security risk assessment, we will typically evaluate:
• Crime rates for the local environment
• Vehicle and pedestrian traffic volumes and patterns
• Incident type and history
• Security operations including guard deployments, work practices, standard operating procedures, rostering, minimum training requirements and licensing
• Perimeter security and building access points
• Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) evaluations
• Lighting levels
• Back of house service corridors and access points
• Points of concealment and potential trouble “hotspots”
• Car parking and loading docks
• Graffiti and other evidence of anti-social behaviour
• Electronic security systems such as intrusion detection and access control
• Restricted keying systems and key management
• Bollard ratings and positioning
• Service riser access and general security
• Centre Management office areas
• Safes and cash handling areas
• Critical plant and equipment
• Visitor and contractor management
• Incident reporting